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Crowing Favorites: Top Jobs

Data Analyst: Power BI - Building Dashboards
ETL Workflow / Proces: Extract, Clean, Transform, Load & Analyze Building Dashboards Analyse & Advise on Big Data Contact me before you place an order
fixed Rate
I will create captivating bios, about me pages
Grabbing attention in mere seconds is the game, and I excel at crafting bios that make them stay!When exploring a blog or brand's website, my quest begins with the About Me or About Us page. Uncover...
fixed Rate
I will develop web application using Laravel
I'm a skilled developer experienced in utilizing Laravel to build robust and dynamic web applications. With a deep understanding of Laravel's powerful features, I'll create a scalable and efficient...
fixed Rate
I will be your Expert Peepso Social Networking Website...
Hello, Greetings! Are you searching for a skilled WordPress developer to bring your Social Networking or Community idea to life with Peepso? As a highly experienced WordPress developer, I am here to...
Starting at
i will create a wordpress powered social network for your...
We will create an online social community powered by WordPress Out of the box, it will come with a set of features resembling Facebook and Twitter. All Social Community plans include: Free for the...
Starting at
I will edit, proof or format your book
I edit, proof and format for KDP publishing. I have twenty years of experience with spelling, grammar, punctuation, finding continuity errors and matching syntax. I always work in word with track...
fixed Rate
I will manually retype pdf, convert pdf to word, image to word.
We are the best Typists to manually retype your file(s) to Word Document! Are you worried about RETYPING your pdf, and scanned pages to word? Worry no more! With a team of Typists with over 10 years...
fixed Rate
I will create professional logo design
Blurring the line between art and technology...! Premium & Unique yet affordable logo design jobs for your Brand / Company / Channel / Work. The concept is a unique identity for your business or...
fixed Rate
I will write your property content including blogs and articles
Here's the honest truth. Your clients don't care about how many properties you've sold or let. They don't care how many awards you've won.They care about themselves.They...
fixed Rate
I will do guest post on DR 80 google news site do follow...
Building of High Authority Dofollow Backlinks And Guest Post is 1st and Main Chapter in Search Engine Optimization If you prefer to Rank Top in Google, You want to Build High Authority...
fixed Rate
Get listed your page on Fandom Wiki
Hello business owners!Are you doing tried to get an approved Wikipedia page? but you didn't get it. don't worry. Now I have come to create Wikipedia similar Page Fandom Page for you and your...
fixed Rate
I will be your Frontend developer
I will create and implement the visual and interactive elements of a website or application that users see and interact with.
fixed Rate
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Welcome to Tennerr – Where Every Talent Begins at Ten!

At Tennerr, we believe that every talent deserves a platform to shine, and that’s why we’ve created a marketplace where dreams and creativity start at just ten dollars. Our name, inspired by the iconic ten-pound note, reflects our commitment to making…

The Irreplaceable Human Touch: Online Jobs AI Can’t Replace

Are you worried about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on job opportunities? While AI is advancing rapidly, there are certain online jobs that still require the unique skills and qualities that only humans possess. Let’s explore…
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In the scorching summer of 2022, a daring young engineer named Zaid Khan set ablaze the internet with a TikTok video, igniting a blazing new trend in the workplace: “quiet quitting.” It was the dawn of a fiery debate, questioning whether…
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