Partner with tennerr

Telecom operators

Operators looking for new revenue streams that are not directly related to telecommunications. By offering a dependable provider’s automated cloud infrastructure, Netooze will enable quick job portfolio expansion.

Data centers

More and more frequently, data centers provide supplementary jobs with no direct bearing on equipment location on their grounds. The focus is on cloud solutions that are ready for use. However, knowledge, staff, and experience are needed to manage cloud job operations. When you collaborate with Netooze, all of this is free.

Internet job providers

As the cloud jobs market looks perspective, ISPs can attract new customers and raise their own profits whiles offering additional jobs to their existing clients.


Integrators should take advantage of Netooze to advance their knowledge to that of IaaS providers. The integrators’ strengths include extensive technical know-how and B2B sales experience.


As we look to the future in a post-pandemic world – and one that will be increasingly better connected – we most surely deploy budgets to address the greatest needs as the ‘digital divide’ can harm people and communities, but also negatively affects women more than men, which violates the principles of gender equality.


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