Job Title: Freelance Scientist (tennerr Jobs Marketplace)

Quick Description: Looking for a flexible and dynamic career opportunity that allows you to utilize your scientific skills on a global platform? Look no further than tennerr, where you can offer your jobs as a freelance scientist and connect with customers from around the world.

Expected Experience/Qualifications:

  • PhD or Master’s degree in a relevant scientific field
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in your area of expertise
  • Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and customer job skills

Required Tools:

  • A computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Access to scientific software and equipment
  • A tennerr account and profile

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Manage your tennerr account and complete jobs for customers
  • Respond to customer inquiries and provide updates on your progress
  • Deliver high-quality jobs that meet the customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations

Potential Jobs (50 different jobs that could be created in and around your specialist area on tennerr):

  1. Research paper writing and editing
  2. Data analysis and interpretation
  3. Scientific simulations and modeling
  4. Lab experiment design and execution
  5. Scientific article writing and publication
  6. Technical report writing
  7. Thesis and dissertation editing
  8. Scientific presentation preparation
  9. Scientific project management
  10. Technical writing and documentation
  11. Literature review and synthesis
  12. Intellectual property research
  13. Environmental impact assessments
  14. Patent research and analysis
  15. Health and safety assessments
  16. Food and drug testing
  17. Materials testing and characterization
  18. Biomedical research
  19. Nanotechnology research
  20. Geology and geophysics research
  21. Climate and atmospheric research
  22. Astrophysics and cosmology research
  23. Chemical and biochemical research
  24. Zoology and ecology research
  25. Botany and plant biology research
  26. Human physiology and anatomy research
  27. Neuroscience research
  28. Genetics and epigenetics research
  29. Microbiology and virology research
  30. Animal behavior research
  31. Evolutionary biology research
  32. Marine biology and oceanography research
  33. Agricultural research
  34. Pharmaceutical research
  35. Toxicology research
  36. Ecotoxicology research
  37. Environmental chemistry research
  38. Climate change research
  39. Meteorology research
  40. Seismology research
  41. Geography and cartography research
  42. Geographical information systems (GIS) analysis
  43. Remote sensing and image analysis
  44. Surveying and mapping
  45. Civil engineering research and design
  46. Structural engineering research and design
  47. Electrical engineering research and design
  48. Mechanical engineering research and design
  49. Aerospace engineering research and design
  50. Materials engineering and metallurgy research

About the company: At tennerr, freelancers are at the heart of everything we do. As a freelance scientist, you will be able to showcase your skills and expertise on a global platform, connect with customers from around the world, and grow your business in a supportive and nurturing environment. So what are you waiting for? Join the tennerr community today and see where your scientific skills can take you


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