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Why Chose “/r/” for Member Profiles: A Unique and Memorable Twist

Introduction is an innovative freelance marketplace that has been making waves in the industry with its unique approach to connecting clients and freelancers. One such unique feature that sets tennerr apart from the rest is its member profile URL format: In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this creative decision and how it benefits both freelancers and clients on our platform.

A Memorable Identifier

With the growing number of freelance marketplaces, it’s essential to create a unique brand identity that users can easily remember and associate with your platform. By choosing to use “/r/” in our member profile URLs, tennerr provides a simple, catchy, and memorable identifier that instantly connects users to our brand.

The “/r/” in the URL can be seen as shorthand for “rooster,” tying in perfectly with our brand identity. This clever branding strategy helps users remember our platform and associate it with the rooster theme, making it stand out among the competition.

Easy to Share

In the age of social media, being able to share content quickly and easily is crucial. The format is short and sweet, making it a breeze for users to share their profiles with potential clients or collaborators. With just a few characters, users can promote their profiles on social media, business cards, and other marketing materials.

Moreover, the simplicity of the URL format reduces the chances of errors when sharing or typing it out, ensuring that potential clients land on the correct profile page without any hiccups.

Boosting User Engagement

The unique and easily recognizable URL format not only makes our platform stand out but also encourages user engagement. When freelancers see the clever twist in their profile URL, they may feel more connected to the tennerr brand and be more likely to share their profiles and promote the platform to their networks.


At tennerr, we believe that the little details matter. Our decision to use for member profiles is a testament to our commitment to creating a unique, memorable, and user-friendly experience for our freelancers and clients. By incorporating our rooster theme into the very fabric of our platform, we ensure that tennerr remains a distinctive and unforgettable freelance marketplace.

So, spread your wings and join the flock at today – and don’t forget to share your snazzy new profile URL with the world!

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