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Egg-straordinary Side Hustle Success: 11 Entrepreneurs Crack Open Their Top Time-Management Tips

Cock-a-doodle-do! Welcome, fellow chickadees, to tennerr’s guide on squeezing in that side hustle whilst keeping your main gig afloat. We’re going to share some pearls of wisdom from 11 entrepreneurial chickens who’ve pecked their way to success. Feather your nest with these top tips, and you’ll be cackling all the way to the bank.

  1. Don’t just wing it – schedule it! Our friend Susie Moore suggests treating your side hustle like any other important appointment. Set aside dedicated time for it and stick to it. Remember: don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.
  2. Don’t be a perfectionist poultry. Danielle Tullo La Testa encourages you to dive in and just do it! Sometimes you’ve got to flap around in unfamiliar territory before things take flight.
  3. Let your vacation days hatch your passion project. Jessica Goodman used her PTO to write her first book, swapping sunbathing for scribbling. She turned vacations into inspiration-filled getaways, and you can too!
  4. Outsource and automate like a boss hen. Melissa Bell advises entrepreneurs to automate and outsource whenever possible. Why not have someone working while you’re catching some Zzz’s in the coop?
  5. Keep your side hustle in a separate coop. Amanda Batula found success by dedicating specific spaces for her side gig. It’s like having a dedicated nest for each egg you’re laying.
  6. Work in clutches (or batches). Siffat Haider swears by batching tasks to optimize productivity. Allocate days for specific activities, like shooting photos or conducting interviews, and watch your productivity soar.
  7. Get your priorities in a pecking order. Nick Loper writes down his top three priorities for the next day, making sure he’s always clucking ahead with intention.
  8. Set reminders like a rooster on a mission. Eric King leans heavily on digital scheduling to ensure he stays on top of his tasks. Don’t let things fall through the cracks (or the chicken wire).
  9. Match your energy level to your tasks. Nicole Wilson suggests aligning your daily tasks with your energy levels. Be creative on high-energy days and tackle admin on low-energy days. Keep things fresh and interesting!
  10. Use small pockets of time egg-stra strategically. Case Kenny recommends making the most of those tiny moments throughout the day. Whether you’re in an Uber or waiting for a flight, every minute counts.
  11. Be realistic about your barnyard schedule. Jess Watchman learned the hard way not to burn out, so now she dedicates one day a week to her side hustle. Remember, your creative endeavors need room to breathe (and cluck).

There you have it, folks! A dozen (minus one) expert tips to help you juggle that side hustle like a pro. Now, spread those wings and get ready to soar to new heights in the entrepreneurial skies. Cock-a-doodle-doo!


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