Shake Your Tail Feathers: When It’s Time to Refresh Your Freelancing Purpose at tennerr

Hey there, fabulous freelancers of tennerr! We’ve got some clucking good advice for you today about the importance of your company’s purpose. It’s not just some fancy words painted on the wall to impress visitors. No, no, no! It’s the driving force that propels your goals, shapes your decisions, and gives your team the kick in the tail feathers they need.

Now, as the freelancing landscape evolves faster than a chicken chasing a worm, your purpose needs to keep up. So, we’re here to share five unmistakable signs that tell you it’s time to give that purpose of yours a good ol’ rooster-style makeover:

  1. Feather-ruffling Employee Disengagement: If you notice your flock of freelancers looking less than thrilled, with droopy wings and low productivity, it’s a sign that your purpose isn’t resonating anymore. Your purpose should ignite a fire of passion in their feathery souls, giving them a clear sense of why they’re flapping their wings. A refreshed purpose can reignite their spark and have them clucking with motivation once again.
  2. Scaling from Start-up to Scale-up: Congratulations on your growth! But remember, as you evolve from a scrappy little chick to a full-blown rooster, your purpose needs to spread its wings too. What worked in the early days may not cut it now that you’re dealing with bigger challenges. It’s time to revamp that purpose to match your new feathers.
  3. Troublesome Financial Performance: If your coffers are feeling a bit empty and your profits are taking a nosedive, it might be a sign that your purpose is as outdated as last year’s feed. A purpose with clout should guide your business strategy towards growth and profitability. Don’t fret though! By revisiting and realigning your purpose, you can refocus your efforts, drive growth, and plump up those financial results.
  4. Talent Troubles: We all know top talent isn’t just after a bag of feed. They want to work for companies whose purpose aligns with their own values and ambitions. So, if you’re having trouble attracting or keeping your prized freelancers, it’s time to do some purpose soul-searching. By refreshing your purpose, you can create an employer brand that’ll have the best birds flocking to your coop.
  5. Business Model Shake-Up: If you’re flipping your business model or doing the chicken dance with your strategic direction, it’s a cue to reevaluate your purpose. A purpose that’s out of sync with your current operations will have everyone squawking in confusion. Your purpose should reflect who you are now and create a strong and unified identity for your business.

Remember, your purpose isn’t just a static statement—it’s a dynamic compass that should evolve with your freelancing adventures. If you’re hearing these alarm clucks in your organization, it’s time to take action! And guess what? We’re here to help. Our expert team can craft and embed a purpose that resonates with your business, your talented flock, and your clients. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we’ll align your purpose with your ever-evolving business, creating a solid foundation for future success. Let’s make some noise and strut our stuff, tennerr freelancers!


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