tennerr File Upload Policy

At tennerr, we understand the importance of being able to upload and share files with ease. However, to ensure a smooth and efficient job for all of our users, we have implemented a file upload policy.

  1. Maximum file size: Our maximum file size limit is 15mb per file. Please make sure that any files you upload are within this size limit.
  2. Accepted file formats: We accept a wide range of file formats, including but not limited to: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files (JPEG, PNG, etc.).
  3. File security: Please ensure that any files you upload to our platform do not contain any sensitive or confidential information. tennerr is not responsible for any breaches of security resulting from the upload of such files.
  4. File deletion: Please note that any files that are uploaded and not downloaded or accessed within a 7-day period will be automatically deleted from our servers.
  5. Compliance: By uploading files to tennerr, you agree to comply with this file upload policy, as well as all of our terms and conditions. Any violations of this policy may result in the removal of your files and/or suspension of your account.
  6. Feedback and suggestions: If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding our file upload policy, please contact us at support@tennerr.com.

We hope that this policy will help ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all of our users. Thank you for choosing tennerr.


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